Beware of these 4 SEO scams.

Beware of these 4 SEO scams.

I want to share with you 4 SEO scams that you can avoid. Unfortunately, there are many more, but these are the most common that have I have seen clients fall into the trap with, and also the most frequently pushed ones (and for several years now).

#1 – Get your business on the 1st page of Google in 1 week

Whoever you are speaking to cannot achieve this. There is no way to place an actual timeframe on organic results. There are multiple factors at play when Google is determining the rank of your content not to mention the enormous amount of data that search engines have to process.

The simple fact is no one can guarantee search results in a short period of time. SEO is a marathon not a sprint and can often take several months for even small improvements to be noticed.

#2 – Guarantee your business will stay on the 1st page of Google

No one can guarantee you a permanent first-page position. Do you know why? Because your competitors and other similar companies are also competing for these sought after top 10 positions.

Google rankings are a constant challenge and ensuring you keep your position is relative to the amount of new content you produce, visitors to your page, engagement, keyword tweaks and many other factors.

Guaranteed 1st page results don’t exist, but if you continue to work on generating quality, relevant content and make improvements you will have a much better chance of seeing results.

#3 – Claim to be a certified Google SEO partner

There is no such thing. You can be certified for Search Advertising / AdWords (or pay per click advertising) but this is actually a different Google service not related to SEO.

Likewise, should anyone try to tell you they have special access to any formula related to Google or the algorithm they are full of it.

#4 – Take an online course and learn SEO / SEM in a day

Whilst a short course will inevitably give you a greater understanding of Search Engine Marketing and SEO it is unlikely that you will understand all the fundamentals in such a short period. If you are keen to do your own business SEO, be patient and prepared to try different tools and spend a considerable amount of time on research and implementation.

If nothing else, knowledge is power and understanding the basics will give you more confidence when choosing a SEO consultant or marketing agency.